KPN line-item bids allow Pennsylvania members to purchase supplies at deep discounts in the eight commodity categories listed below.  KPN polls members during the late summer and early fall months for anticipated purchases. Members participating in the bids are invited to attend the public bid openings held during the winter months.  Members who have not already registered to participate in the line-item bids should register by August 1 to be included in the upcoming bid cycle. For more information or to register, contact Carrie Adams at, or (570) 523-1155, ext. 2182.

Line-Item Bid Categories:

Fuel Oil Bid:  KPN offers Pennsylvania members #2 Fuel Oil, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Non-Road Locomotive (NRLM) Fuel, 87 Octane and/or 89 Octane fuels.  Members elect fluctuating or firm pricing.   Firm pricing is binding, and firm pricing availability for #2 Fuel Oil requires that it is the primary, as opposed to back-up, heating fuel.  Members are polled in February for desired quantities of the fuel oil commodities, and bids are released in the spring. There is an annual $150 fee to participate in this bid.

Natural Gas Program:  KPN offers its Pennsylvania members access to a natural gas contract.

Members interested in participation in the fuel oil bid or natural gas program should contact Carrie Adams at, or (570) 523-1155, ext. 2182.



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