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Every day we get calls from companies asking how they can become a vendor with the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN). After all, KPN enjoys loyal buying customers among hundreds of school districts and other public sector agencies because we take time and cost out of the purchasing process.

The answer to inquiring vendors is simple: win a bid.

But that’s easier said than done because competition is keen. When we go out to bid — whether by ourselves  or collectively with others members of the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) — we make contract awards to vendors who offer the lowest and best prices who have followed all the steps for a responsive bid.

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The first step in that process is to register so your company can get notices of bidding opportunities.

Vendor interest in winning a contract is bolstered by the fact that KPN contracts are used by school districts, colleges, universities, and local government in communities throughout the U.S.  Tens of millions of dollars in products, services, and infrastructure go through KPN because we do the transparent and effective groundwork needed to offer legal, ethical, and cost-saving contracts based on competitive bidding.

As a result, KPN nurtures an enviable stable of vendors offering everything from copying equipment to vehicles, from athletic turf to natural gas, from office supplies to electronic books. As an example, check out the nearly sixty contracts on our site that are now being used by schools and governments in thirty-eight states.

The number of product and services sought by KPN in our competitive bidding process grows constantly. That means new opportunities for determined, service-friendly vendors are always on the horizon.

If we have any existing bid opportunities, we list them here, but you can register anytime so you will never miss an opportunity.


But in addition to registering, smart vendors prepare ahead of time. They hone their wholesale and manufacturer supply chain before bidding starts so they are prepared to offer pricing that beats their competition.

When the bid is out, they make no procedural mistakes in presenting their offer. KPN, having more than 30-years of experience in bidding, stands amazed each year when an otherwise well-priced bid has to be cast aside because a bidder fails to provide a form or makes a mistake.

When suppliers’ paperwork and offers are responsive, KPN awards go to the responsible vendors who have offered the lowest prices, because our commitment to education and government agencies is a fair, legal bid process that helps them save money.

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